I currently service about a 100 mile radius from Independence, Kansas wich includes - Ottawa, Iola, Chanute, Neodesha, Fredonia, Parsons, Oswego, Caney and crossing into Oklahoma -  Dewey, Bartlesville, Ochlata and surrounding areas.


Fees and Payment Options

Tuning is $85

Pitch raises are $50 each

Repair work is $55 per hour

You can pay with cash or check at time of service.

Scroll on down for answers to most questions.

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Hi my name is Phil Adams

I would be glad to take care of your piano tuning and repair for you. I can tune it, repair it and even do a full regulation or tune-up to make it play as good as possible.

These are some of the usual questions that people ask me.

1. How much do you charge for piano tuning?  $85.00 which includes a full inspection of your piano.

2. What is a pitch raise? If a piano has not been tuned for a few years, or longer, it slowly begins to drop in pitch. For example if you compare the middle C note of the piano to a middle C tuning fork you may have to play C# to match the sound of the tuning fork. The piano's pitch has dropped by 1/2 note. A pitch raise will bring the piano back up to pitch. If your piano requires a pitch raise it costs $50 for each quarter note raised.

3. Can you  fix an old piano that no one remembers when it was last tuned and some of the keys do not work? YES, I bring tools with me to fix most problems while I am there. I will discuss any piano repair with you before starting. Piano repair work bills at $55 per hour. 

4. How long have you been doing this? I started doing piano tuning and repair in 1986. 

5.Do I have to bring my piano to you? NO. I work on the piano wherever it is located.

6. Do you travel outside of Independence, Kansas?  YES. A mileage fee of 50 cents per mile is charged. The farthest I have traveled so far is about 100 miles.

7. If I want to buy a used piano but I am not able to go see it can you inspect it for me? Yes, I have inspected pianos for buyers from USA, Canada and Hong Kong. My fee is $95 which includes pictures and a detailed description.

8. Can you go with me to inspect a piano? Yes. The fee is $50

Scroll on down if you want to know how often your piano should be tuned.

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How often should my piano be tuned?

That depends on who you are. Concert pianists will want the piano tuned before each performance. Piano companies may recommend three or four times per year. Music teachers usually say two or three times per year.

Pianos are designed to be kept at A440 concert pitch. Keeping a piano at pitch and in tune not only makes it sound good, but it also makes it last longer. When I tune a piano I check it over for any wear and tear. It is easier and cheaper to fix things before they get real bad.

Pianos in a home used for private use usually are tuned once or twice a year.

For a home piano to be at it's best it needs to be tuned twice a year. However for many people once a year is fine.

I have some customers who are on my six month tuning list and others who are on my yearly list. Others just call me when they think it's time.

Great Aunt Matilda had her piano tuned when it was delivered (the tuning was included in the price of the piano) and that was the last time anyone looked inside it. That tuning lasted for the rest of her life. Of course she had hearing aids. 

Call Piano Tuning and Repair anytime Monday through Saturday


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